1. Appreciation: where the property becomes more valuable due to a change in the real estate market (refer to:http://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/appreciation.asp)
  2. Depreciation: The government allows us to depreciate a single family home over 27.5 years as a tax benefit (refer to: http://www.zillow.com/blog/rental-property-depreciation-144131/)
  3. Amortization: The pay down of a mortgage over time   (refer to: http://www.mortgage101.com/article/loan-amortization-explained)
  4. Cash Flow:  Income minus expenses equals Cash Flow (refer to: http://www.richdad.com/Resources/Rich-Dad-Financial-Education-Blog/May-2014/6-basic-rules-of-investing.aspx)

At Get CashFlow Today, our goal is to help investors identify and acquire properties that will produce CASH FLOW while providing clean and safe affordable housing in stable communities.

As a new or potential investor, the initial decision to invest in real estate may seem uncertain or too risky. As a matter of fact, many investors choose real estate investment as a comfortable solution for investing their hard earned money. The key is partnering with the right company that knows the market and process involved in making a successful cash-flow positive investment: this is the strength of Get CashFlow Today.  From the very beginning of our relationship, we will help educate you about real estate investing strategies and how to gain CASH FLOW through FREE networking events and playing Robert Kyiosaki’s  CASH FLOW board game. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to invest and build cash flow in a fun, risk free environment.  Through these networking events, you will meet other investors (new and experienced) who have similar aspirations of real estate investing and can share their ideas/experiences. We will certainly sit down and address your personal real estate investing goals in a one-on-one session and put a personal plan together to get you Cash Flow!

In my personal experience, all investors have their own unique and interesting story about why they invest in real estate and below are just a few of the reasons I have encountered:

  • Everyone needs a place to work, play stay – there is a basic need to be fulfilled through real estate
  • Opposed to financial markets: faced with an unstable stock market, investors move to real estate for safety and security
  • Increased net-worth/Passive Income
  • Pays a fair cash-on-cash return
  • Real estate more tangible than stocks: You can physically see your investment, unlike stock and oil and depending on the type of gold you are buying. Real estate has outperformed all other investments.
  • Real estate is an asset you can secure with a promissory note, the property will have equity and gain more as time goes on,
  • Real estate is easy to understand – you know the terms of the deal (interest rate and length of term).
  • Real estate is an effective way to diversify your investment portfolio, especially in the years preceding and throughout retirement
  • To acquire consistent cash flow that can be utilized for personal benefit (new purchases, family vacations, etc.)

WHY Get CashFlow Today?
Get CashFlow Today’s business model is focused on producing Cash Flow positive real estate investments.  Appreciation is a bonus.  Our strength is in our knowledge of the markets we serve and the team that has been developed to deliver our clients with highly professional, value-add turnkey properties.  To date, our focus has been in the South Suburbs of Chicago, a market in which we have deep knowledge of surrounding areas to gain large CASH FLOW.  Our team is ready to discuss your goals and objectives for real estate investment, identify the right course of action, and set you on the path to achieving them.

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